Everything but the thread, Pendleton® Wool!

These items are not available at any of the mountain store outlets because of commission fees. They are not available through my website because each item is a different price, size and cut. The other fabulous problem is that fabric choices change constantly because header scraps are used.

Pendleton® has a zero waste policy and I’m part of the solution!

These products are not affiliated with Pendleton®.

Flat Wool Felting Kits

These original felting kits include a wool circle and color roving from Pendleton Wool. You also get a thin needle, a stencil, and a hook to hang your ornament from a tree. Limited scraps to practice are free with purchase. Additional needles may be purchased at a workshop

Examples of kits can be seen at the bottom of this page.

Here are two excellent videos:

Star Kit

Heart Kit

Flower Kit

Snowman Kit

Tree Kit