Photo Stickers

Are you looking for the perfect present? Get a personalized sticker made from your favorite digital photo. A photo printer is used on white vinyl. The photo is then covered with a clear vinyl and cut to fit, making your sticker waterproof and removable.

PLEASE NOTE: for this price you are limited to only one image, unlike the samples photos.

Printing space is limited to a 9″ X 6.5″ area, used in the samples, so you can have one BIG sticker or several smaller ones (i.g. 6 stickers at 3″ X 2″). I will fill the page with the photo you send me. I can also add 1-3 words.

Digital photos MUST meet this criteria:

1) You own the image or have the legal right to use it. No Disney.

2) The photo will have the background removed and might be cropped. The smaller the subject is in your photo, the “fuzzier” the focus will be when blown up for a sticker. You can see the quality differences in my samples.

3) The subject in your photo must be clear both in focus and well lit.

4) You may add 1-3 words.

5) Take a careful look as you are selecting what to send. Make sure the butt, head, feet, etc. are all in the frame. Cut-off, flat heads don’t work.

6) Lastly, some photos just don’t work out when removing the background. I will give you other options or refund your money if this is the case.

Send photo and mailing address to: